Georgian Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook (For Beginners)

In this workbook, you can practice your handwriting by tracing the Georgian alphabet letters and whole words of different sizes and coloring them in a floral pattern.

Also, it will help you improve your Georgian language skills by memorizing over 150 Georgian words with English translation.

Each letter is accompanied by words that begin with and contain that letter, making it easier to perceive the letter's form and sound association, improving spelling and expanding the vocabulary of the Georgian language.

Parents and teachers can use this book as a fun activity and educational tool by discussing each letter and word with their children or students, helping them practice letter recognition, handwriting skills and word pronunciation.

When coloring floral patterns on large letters and words, the proper colors of flowers or leaves can also be discussed to help children develop their associations, imagination, and artistic ability.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Georgian language, script, and calligraphy.

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Language: English. Paperback: 108 pages. Size: ‎Letter (8.5 × 11 inches).

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Paperback: 100 pages, Size: A4 ‎(21 × 29 cm).

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Initial Practice:

Memorize 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet with Latin transliteration.

Remember the layout of the letters on the grid.

Trace the gray dashed strokes of the large letters, and study the direction of writing.

Trace the regular size letters and write them down on the blank grid.

Basic Exercises:

Color the letters and whole words with colored pencils.

Trace the words of different sizes and write them on a blank grid.

Final Exercises:

Practice your handwriting by tracing words and writing them without a grid, using only four horizontal lines and placing the letters close together.

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Georgian Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook (100 Pages)

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