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Levan Chaganava is a Georgian calligrapher and graphic designer, author and illustrator of children's books, musician and composer.

Since 1989, he has been researching ancient Georgian manuscripts and reviving the forgotten art of calligraphy in Georgia by creating modern handwritten books, artworks and educational materials.

As a founder and chairperson of the Painter-Calligraphers Union of Georgia, Levan Chaganava attracts young talents to the art of calligraphy, guides their creative pursuits, and helps them become professionals. He carries out local and international projects, conducts workshops, and holds exhibitions.

Levan began to write stories for his children, teaching them the importance of family love and friendship, social relationships and tolerance, lifelong learning and new discoveries. These are the main themes of his stories, which he illustrates mainly in vector graphics.

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Georgian Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook - by Levan Chaganava

Georgian Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook (For Beginners)

Georgian Calligraphy Workbook - by Levan Chaganava

Georgian Calligraphy Workbook
(The Basics)

The Adventures of Pele - by Levan Chaganava

The Adventures of Pele, a Digital Puppet Who Becomes a Real Boy (Modern Pinocchio)


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Georgian Calligraphy Masterclass. Original Music by Levan Chaganava

The process of creating a manuscript (2010)
Original music by Levan Chaganava (composition: “TooLate”)

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