The Adventures of Pele, a Digital Puppet Who Becomes a Real Boy

Children's Book – Story and Illustrations by Levan Chaganava

Digital Puppet, Modern Pinocchio.

In this modern retelling of the famous children's classic Pinocchio, instead of a wooden puppet made by a woodcarver, the main character is a digital puppet created by an old programmer.

The old programmer has always dreamed for a child. In fact, it has been his lifelong dream and to make it come true, he collects the newest and the most highly developed programs and creates a digital boy.

When a digital puppet lies, its nose on the monitor disappears as its program overloads and crashes. And when the puppet draws a new nose by itself, the nose is too big. The right decision is not to lie anymore, otherwise, not only the nose will disappear, but the entire face and body.

Cricket is at first the graphic icon of the digital boy's security program, but later becomes his conscience and gives him the best advice.

Two hackers, smart and dumb, meet Pele online when he goes to school and take him out for fun. They want to make some money by hacking the awesome digital boy software and selling it.

Babba Boss, a power-hungry video game magnate, decides to kidnap a digital boy for using him in his own horrible games.

Along with an entertaining adventure, the story includes a summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for educational purposes. The storyline is related to the articles of the Convention to help children understand their rights.

The Adventures of Pele - by Levan Chaganava

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Language: English.
Paperback: 72 pages.
Size: ‎8.5 × 11 inches.

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The Adventures of Pele (Digital Pinocchio)
Original music by Levan Chaganava (composition: “Virtual Game”)

Description of the Book

From the Author

The main character of our 21st century fairy tale is a computer animated digital puppet, a curious boy with artificial intelligence, created by an old programmer. We also meet the cricket, the boy's friend, who follows him in his adventures and provides him with the best advice. There are two hackers, smart and dumb, who make a living by stealing information from the network and try to earn some money by breaking into a digital puppet program. And of course, we will see Babba Boss, a power-hungry video game magnate who decides to kidnap a digital boy for using him in his own horrible games.

Is this storyline familiar to you? People have always been interested in this topic. Many versions of it have been written at different times, and it still captures our interest today. In the modern world, it is just as important and valuable as it was in the past. Perhaps, we see ourselves in a being created by a wise father, and the amazing transformation of a puppet into a real person points to the purpose of life.

There is one thing we do know: the universe is unique, boundless, and immeasurable. There is no difference in old and new stories for the universe. It is eternal, and every story exists within it. Now we live in the Information Age, where stories continue, so our digital puppet turns into a real person and meets his programmer father.

Since my fairy tale is about computer technology, as a graphic designer, I decided to illustrate the book with vector graphics. However, as a calligrapher, I also included visuals inspired by the ancient art of handwritten books. Therefore, the style of the illustration became multifaceted.

Creating books, fonts, ornaments, music, games, and computer programs are one of the necessities for the further development of our modern world, and this task is up to you, kids. I address you because I know you understand computers more than adults. I know you will not shy away from obstacles and that you will be persistent and independent in pursuing this task. Furthermore, I am pretty sure you will make the world a better place by contributing amazing books, creating incredible programs or composing wonderful music, since the boundaries for digital creativity are as limitless as our imaginations.

Learn more about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The initial version of the plot won in a writing contest held by UNICEF for the best demonstration of children’s rights convention to the little readers (2001).

A few years later, I edited and developed the story to make it more adventurous and made illustrations. Then, I added 54 abbreviated articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to the book.

The storyline is related to the articles, so read them carefully and learn about the rights of every child in the world. Graphic symbols of the articles appear throughout the story, and a summary of the Convention can be read at the end of the book.

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