Edition 2019

Pele’s Virtual Game

Learn more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child by reading the adventure of an animated digital boy who became a real person and met his old father-programmer.

This is a fairy tale of the 21st century, in which an animated digital boy created by an old programmer meets a cricket, two hackers, and crosses paths with the power-thirsty boss of computer games before finally turning into a real boy.

Language: English. Paperback: 80 pages. Size: ‎8.5 × 11 in.

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Pele’s Virtual Game
Levan Chaganava

The main character of our 21st century fairy tale is a computer animation - a curious boy created by an old programmer. We also meet a cricket, a friend of the boy's; two hackers, or, computer pirates, who make their living by finding information though the web; and of course, Babba Boss, a power-thirsty magnate of computer games. Today we are in the Information Age, where story continues and our animated boy turns into a real person.

Author's note:

The initial version of the plot won in a 2001 contest held by UNICEF for a clear demonstration of children's rights.

A few years later, I edited and filled out the story to make it more adventurous. Then, I made illustrations and added 54 abbreviated articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to the book. Each article is comparable to the plot actions, so be a careful reader and do not miss these articles to become aware of the rights of every child in the world.

Graphic symbols of articles appear in the story, and you can find the texts of the articles in addition to the book (See the section of the Convention on the Rights of the Child).


Pele - An animated digital boy with artificial intelligence.

Paco - An old man, programmer, creator of Pele.

Pepo - Friend of Paco; dilettante in computers, but a good lawyer.

Cricket - The icon avatar for Pele's protective program.

Hackers - Two young programmers: clever and silly, surfing the web for information.

Babba boss - A rich and selfish magnate of computer games.

The boy - A bed-ridden boy from the hospital who plays an online game with Pele.

Pepe - An animated digital girl and narrator of the story.

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