Edition 2022

Georgian Calligraphy Workbook (The Basics)

Georgian Calligraphy Workbook – The Basics is the first English-language edition created by Levan Chaganava, a professional calligrapher and founder of the Painter-Calligraphers Union of Georgia.

This workbook will help you learn the basics of Georgian calligraphy, write letters, words and sentences beautifully, and decorate your manuscripts with ornaments.

Language: English. Paperback: 108 pages. Size: ‎8.5 × 11 in.

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Photos and Description of the Book

Theoretical Section:

Introduction to the Georgian alphabet.

Memorizing the letters of the modern Georgian alphabet with Latin transliteration.

Calligraphic Section:

Study the structure of letters and the direction of writing.

Practice your handwriting by tracing individual letters and whole words and writing them on the blank lines.

Georgian words come with English translation, so you can memorize them if you wish.

Many letters can be connected, and you should definitely master this technique, as it increases writing speed and adds beauty to the manuscript.

The large outline letters containing curves, or circles, are prepared for tracing and coloring. This exercise is not only fun, but also useful for children and adults, because it helps to draw straight lines and rounded shapes perfectly.

Final Exercises:

Now that you know the Georgian alphabet well, carefully study the printed sentences and practice copying the text into your calligraphy. Simple sentences with English translations will tell you about Georgia and its most populated cities.

Decorate your manuscripts by tracing Georgian vine ornaments.

As an exam assignment at the end of the workbook, copy short poems by great Georgian writers in beautiful handwriting and create your own calligraphic masterpieces.


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