Edition 2022

Georgian Calligraphy Workbook (The Basics)

Learn the basics of the Georgian alphabet and written language, practice your handwriting by tracing and coloring letters, memorize Georgian words with English translation.

Language: English. Paperback: 108 pages. Size: ‎8.5 × 11 in.

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Georgian Calligraphy Workbook
Levan Chaganava

This workbook will guide you through the basics of learning and practicing the Georgian alphabet and the art of forming letters, words, and sentences.

Theoretical Section:

Introduction to the Georgian scripts.

Memorizing the letters of the modern Georgian alphabet through Latin transliteration.

Studying the layout of the alphabet and the direction of writing the letters with the initial practice.

Calligraphic Section:

Practice handwriting by tracing the gray letters and writing them on your own in the blank lines. If possible, connect the letters to increase your writing speed and make your handwriting more beautiful.

You will also come across entire words in order to master the process of writing a particular letter in combination with others. Georgian words have an English translation, so you can memorize some of them if you prefer.

Train your hand and fingers to internalize the lines and contours by tracing the gray outlines of large decorative letters and coloring them. This simple and fun tactile exercise will help you quickly begin perceiving the architecture of the letters.

First, trace all gray outlines of the letters with a black pencil, such as a 2B. Then use colored pencils and fill in the blank areas with any colors you like. Filling the color between the contours should be done by gently pressing the pencil, drawing parallel lines under each other.

Final Exercises:

Now that you know the Georgian alphabet well, study the typed words in the sentences carefully and practice copying the text in your calligraphy.

The simple sentences with English translation are about the large cities, main avenues, and streets of Georgia.

The final task in this workbook is using your own handwriting to create your own artistic masterpieces by copying some short poems from the greatest Georgian writers.

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